Aunt Dot’s Cookbook Collection of Holiday Dessert Recipes: Holiday Cookbook Series

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    Aunt Dot’s Holiday Dessert Recipes from her Cookbook Collection have the most delicious dessert recipes for the holiday season whether you are cooking in your kitchen for family or taking these holiday treats over to a friend’s house for the ultimate holiday party. Aunt Dot’s Holiday Dessert Recipes are some of the best baking recipes with tasty ingredients that will leave you with instant gratification. If you love the holidays and love desserts, then these recipes will leave you wanting more. Aunt Dot always enjoyed this time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner with the sweet aroma of moist succulent cakes baking in the oven and pudding slow cooking on the stove-top in a pot. Every unique recipe is easy to follow with the step-by-step instructions that will guide the most inexperienced baker through the baking process until completion. Aunt Dot’s Holiday Dessert Cookbook adds to the list of many other cookbooks in her Cookbook Collection and is the first cookbook in the Holiday Cookbook Series.

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